How to Clean Lash Extensions: Something You Must Know

How to Clean Lash Extensions: Something You Must Know

Applying lash extensions to the lash line will enhance the appearance of your natural lashes and make your eyes stand out. To extend the life of your lash extensions and encourage healthy lashes, it is crucial to clean them after each use. Learn how to clean eyelash extensions by reading this article.

How to Clean Lash Extensions: Something You Must Know

Importance to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

According to Brian Boxer Wachler, M.D., maintaining your eye health while wearing extensions is crucial., ophthalmologist and health expert for All About Vision. Not properly caring for lash extensions can lead to “infection, irritation, and lashes not lasting as long as they could, since they can start to fall out sooner,” says Dr. Wachler. Infection can result from “inadequate hygiene in the shop or damage to the eye during application,” according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

What should you keep an eye out for? “The eye becoming red and painful is a sign of infection,” he says. “However, if the eyelid skin becomes tender and red, it could also be a reaction to the glue (often formaldehyde is an ingredient that can cause reactions).”

The AAO advises that if your eyes are already red and painful, you should see a doctor who may prescribe lubricating eyedrops, antihistamine eyedrops, or antibiotics, depending on the problem.

When to Clean Your Lash Extensions?

Wait 48 hours before cleaning your false lashes after applying lash extensions so they can cure and become waterproof. To get rid of eye makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, old lash adhesive, and bacteria from the lashes, clean your eyelash extensions at least every other day. Wash your eyelash extensions every day if you have oily eyelids to get rid of the natural oils that could damage the lash glue.

Lash Cleansing Do’s:

NOTE: Always wait 24 hours after your appointment before cleansing or as per your stylist’s recommendation

1. You should daily shampoo your eyelash extensions.

2. To keep your lashes and eyes healthy, use a specific foaming cleanser for lash extensions. By using a cleanser designed specifically for lashes, users can avoid glycols, oils, and other substances that are harmful to lash extensions and are frequently present in conventional facial cleansers.

3. AVOID USING PRODUCTS CONTAINING OILS NEAR OR ON YOUR EYE AREA. Cleansers, moisturizers, cleansing oils, aromatherapy oils, spray toners, coconut/rosehip oils, eye creams, and even your shampoo and conditioner fall under this category. You must wipe the cleanser off your face rather than rinse it off if you use cleansers that are unsafe for extensions because any leftover product will wash into your lashes.

How to Clean Lash Extensions: Something You Must Know

Lash Cleansing Don’ts:

1. When wearing eyelash extensions, stay away from using makeup removal wipes. They contain undesirable oils, glycols, and emollients that cause premature falloff of your extensions because they are not good for lash extensions. They won’t last at all when using makeup wipes, but very prematurely. In general, using makeup wipes to clean your face is not recommended because they leave makeup residue on your skin.

2. Useless to use are cleansing liquids like micellar. Extension use is not recommended for these products.

3. Use of face towels, sponges, makeup pads, cotton buds, or other items on or near your eyelash extensions is strictly prohibited. Your lashes will be damaged and start to fall out early as a result of these.

3. Do not vigorously rub your eyes while cleansing; instead, use light fingertip pressure to gently brush your eyelash extensions. I advise using a cleaning brush similar to those I offer to my customers. Strenuous rubbing will result in early lash loss as well as short, broken, and frail natural lashes that are roughed up/damaged and unable to securely hold extensions. Always be gentle when handling your lashes because it doesn’t take much to harm them.

The Benefits of Regular Lash Cleansing

When compared to clients who don’t cleanse at all (or cleanse improperly) between appointments, clients who wash their lashes properly return with significantly more lashes remaining. A refill shouldn’t be done when you have little to no lash extensions left – a refill is done when you just start seeing gaps (ideally when 50% lashes remain). Your lashes will always look thick and lush thanks to this.

Most clients who take good care of their well-applied lashes and have regular lash growth can go three weeks between refill appointments and still have 50% of their original lashes. Check your home care routine to see if we can identify what’s wrong if you’re not seeing these results…

How to Clean Lash Extensions

For the sake of eye health, eyelash extensions must always be cleaned. Follow the step-by-step guide below to clean eyelash extensions:

1. Cure Your Lashes.

The aftercare instructions must be followed exactly. Wait 48 hours after applying your false eyelashes for the first time before cleaning them. To cure and become waterproof, your eyelash extensions need time.

2. Remove Your Eye Makeup.

To remove eye makeup from your lashes, including mascara and eyeshadow, use an oil-free makeup remover, such as micellar water or a foaming cleanser.

3. Use a Lash Cleanser.

Utilizing a small cleansing brush, wet your lashes before applying a lash shampoo or cleanser to clean your lash extensions. To get rid of any grime and makeup, brush the lash shampoo against the eyelashes while moving the bristles back and forth along the lash line.

4. Rinse the Cleanser.

With warm water, rinse the eyelash cleaner.

5. Dry Your Lashes.

Dry your eyelash extensions with a dry paper towel or hand towel.

6. Brush Your False Lashes.

Brush out your false eyelashes to make them more fluffy using a clean spoolie brush, which is a brush that looks like a mascara wand.

How to Clean Lash Extensions: Something You Must Know

4 Tips for Cleaning Lash Extensions

When cleaning lash extensions, consider the following tips for success:

1. Use Lash Shampoo

You should only clean lash extensions with a specialized product that is safe for the eye area and has no scent, like a lash shampoo. To maintain the softness of your lash extensions, specialized lash cleansers also include moisturizing ingredients.

2. Avoid Baby Shampoo

Some makeup artists clean their eyelash extensions with baby shampoo. However, baby shampoo is usually scented, which can irritate your eye areas. The baby shampoo’s sulfates and oils can also weaken the bond between your false teeth and their adhesive.

3. Be Gentle

To stop the false eyelashes from falling out when cleaning your lashes, don’t move too roughly. When removing and drying makeup, gently dab your eyelashes.

4. Use a Hairdryer

To hasten drying, use a hairdryer set to a low, cool temperature.


Eyelash extensions aren’t a completely hands-free solution, but they can save you the time and effort of applying strip lashes or mascara. You’ll need to wash your face more frequently than you normally would in order to keep them clean. According to an expert in eye health, here’s why and how you should be cleaning your eyelash extensions.


Can You Use Micellar Water to Clean Eyelash Extensions?

Unharmed eyelash extensions can be cleaned with micellar water. A water-based product is completely safe, but micellar water can weaken the lash glue when it is infused with oil.

Is It Necessary to Use Lash Shampoo?

In order to keep your lash extensions healthy and firmly bonded to natural lashes, cleaning them should be a daily part of your routine if you wear them. The best way to do this is with foaming eyelash cleaners!

Do Lash Extensions Last Longer If You Clean Them?

Does washing lash extensions extend their durability? Yes, removing excess oils and heavy makeup will shield your extension adhesive from eroding too soon. This will also reduce unnecessary lash shedding and maintain the strength and health of the natural lashes that are supporting your extensions.

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Eyelash Shampoo?

You can also clean your eyelash extensions with a mild facial cleanser that is claimed to be safe for the eyes if you don’t have lash shampoo on hand. Use a cleanser that is completely oil-free and that isn’t too potent to remove waterproof makeup because that will also cause the glue to break down.