How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: a Useful Guide

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: a Useful Guide

The cleaning effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner is maintained when it is cleaned frequently. A vacuum cleaner may break, develop clogs, or lose its ability to suction if you don’t do this. Researching the best way to clean a particular vacuum cleaner is always recommended because not all filters can be washed in this manner.

I have good news if you own a Dyson vacuum cleaner: I have created a detailed, step-by-step cleaning procedure for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Utilize my tips to restore your Dyson to like-new condition!

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: a Useful Guide

What You Need to Clean a Dyson Vacuum

Before we start cleaning, it is smart to first grab the following supplies:

  • Dyson vacuum cleaner with all accessories
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Garbage can
  • Dustpan and can
  • Cotton swabs
  • Screwdriver
How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: a Useful Guide

How to Clean a Dyson Vaccum

1. Always Unplug First

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure your Dyson is unplugged and off to prevent electrocution, says cleaning expert Deni Ivanov of Royal Cleaning(opens in new tab).’ So, before using your Dyson, always turn it off and unplug it (if it’s corded). cleaning.

2. Remove and Clean the Canister

If you want to keep your Dyson hygienic over time, cleaning the canister is probably the most crucial step. ‘With a few exceptions, the Dyson canister is typically located below the cyclone. If you’re using a model from the V-series, move the vacuum over to a trash can, then press the red bin button close to the base to separate the canister from the body and empty its contents into the canister.’

The inside of the canister should then be cleaned with a microfiber cloth after a good shake. When cleaning the dirt chamber, be sure to avoid using any chemicals or detergents.’ For the best results, use an e-cloth (which can be purchased on Amazon; opens in new tab) that has been slightly dampened.

Never do this inside or leave the waste inside your home; always empty the canister outside. Wear a mask while performing this step if you have allergies. The best Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners and corded vacuum cleaners can both be used with this technique.

3. Remove the Filters

You should read the manual on how to remove and clean your vacuum’s filter at this point, as the procedure may vary depending on the model, if you don’t already have it. Pre- and post-filter locations, for instance, are close to the handle on Dyson V6 and V7 models.’

Pull out the post-filter from the canister after rotating the pre-filter counter-clockwise.’

4. Wash and Dry the Filters

The time has come to learn how to properly clean a Dyson filter. Ivanov suggests gently tapping them upside down to remove debris and repeatedly running water on both their inside and outside before shaking them off to remove all debris.’

Repeat this step as often as necessary, or until the water runs crystal clear, depending on how dirty your filter is.’

This next part is crucial: “Leave the filters to dry for at least 24 hours before reinstalling them.”‘ When you reinstall the filter, if it’s damp, your Dyson might not even turn on.

5. Clean the Brush Roll

In our experience, Dyson brush rolls clog up very easily, especially if your home contains pets or people with long hair. Your cleaning regimen will eventually become less effective if your brush roll becomes clogged.

Consequently, take a pair of scissors or screwdrivers and “untangle, pull or cut strings, hairs, and other dirt stuck on your brush roll.” After that, use a microfiber cloth to clean the compartment.’

Using finer scissors will help you more easily cut through the hair that has rolled up around your brush. For this tricky task, manicure scissors from Amazon(opens in new tab) will work much better than regular household scissors.

6. Check and Unclog the Hose

Don’t disregard the hose! Depending on the model of your Dyson, you might be shocked by how much dust and debris are inside. Detach the hose from the wand and then clean the inside of it by pushing a cloth inside with the aid of a broomstick or other similar object.’

Avoid using detergent, as you should with other Dyson parts, and instead immerse the hose for 5 to 10 minutes in a solution of warm water and vinegar to kill bacteria. Clean it with water, wipe it down, and hang it to dry.’

7. Ensure Everything’s Dry before Reassembling

This is essential. Ivanov highly recommends ensuring ‘all components are completely wiped and dried before putting them back together.’

Dysons do not turn on if the components are wet, so you’ll probably have to wait even longer to use yours again. Reassembling a Dyson with wet components can result in mold growth if done repeatedly.

How Often Should I Clean My Dyson Vacuum?

According to general recommendations, you should clean the filter once a month, but this will vary based on how frequently you use your vacuum. Even some of the more sophisticated Dyson stick vacuums have sensors that can alert you via the display when it’s time to clean the filter.

When necessary, clean the remaining components of the Dyson vacuum. As soon as the canister is full, make sure to empty it to prevent a blockage. A further indication that your vacuum needs cleaning is if you notice it stops functioning even though the canister is empty.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum: a Useful Guide


Your Dyson will look brand new once you’ve finished cleaning everything. Your Dyson vacuum cleaner can be made operational by reassembling all of its components. Before using the HEPA filter on the Dyson vacuum cleaner once more, make sure you have given it at least 24 hours to dry completely. More is involved in cleaning your Dyson vacuum cleaner than simply emptying the dust bag. It’s critical to replace your Dyson’s filter at least once every 12 months in addition to performing routine cleanings on it.


How Do You Empty a Vacuum Canister?

Put the cleaner in the upright position, turn off the power, and empty the canister. To transport to a trash can, press the release button. You can easily open and empty the canister using the bottom release lever. You can start vacuuming after locking the door and replacing the canister on the cleaner.

Can I Wash Dyson Canister Filter?

Wash filters only in cold water. (don’t use detergent or wash in a dishwasher or washing machine). Rinsing under the water supply then gently squeeze the water out of the filter. Continue doing so until the water is clear.

Can I Wash My Vacuum Canister?

Empty the canister, then use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside. The ideal situation is to wash the entire canister in warm, soapy water. The dirtiest, dustiest, grimiest, and hair will all be effectively removed.

What Part of the Dyson Vacuum Can You Wash?

Your Dyson vacuum’s cyclone component is a specialized filter that removes smaller dust particles using centrifugal force. Technically, you could wash it.