How To Clean A Mirror Effectively (3 Ways Included)

how to clean a mirror

A dirty mirror can make a clean bathroom look dirty, which is why it’s important to learn how to clean a mirror properly.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick wipe with glass cleaner and a cloth, but if you want a perfect finish every time, use the methods listed below.

How To Clean A Bathroom Mirror

Prepare to clean by combining the three ingredients above in a spray bottle and giving it a good shake.

  1. With rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, start by wiping away any remaining hairspray or debris. Before cleaning the remainder of the mirror glass, dunk a corner of the cloth in the alcohol and scrub the dirt.
  2. Apply your cleaning agent or glass cleaner with a spray bottle to the mirror.
  3. For a shine that is free of streaks, grab a microfiber cloth. Newspaper crumpled up works well if you don’t have any cloth.
  4. Use your microfiber cloth (or newspaper) to wipe across the mirror in a broad “S” pattern, working from edge to edge, top to bottom. To avoid spreading any dirt or debris, try to lead with the same edge of the cloth. This will help you collect any of it. Cleaning the mirror shouldn’t be done in a circular motion because you aren’t buffing a car.
  5. When the mirror appears to be clean, move to a different part of the room to check for any areas you might have missed.

With Rubbing Alcohol

Globs of toothpaste, coats of hairspray, and frequently smeared-on fingerprints draw a lot of unwanted attention to mirrors. When you attempt to wipe down the rest of the mirror with a clean cloth sprayed with solution, the greasy or oily residue simply spreads across the surface of the glass with each sweeping motion, contrary to what you might believe. Failing to properly treat these spots is the main cause of streaks. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix in your medicine cabinet: rubbing alcohol. Before beginning the cleaning process, dampen a cotton pad with it and dab these trouble spots. Pretreating the mirror before you wipe prevents spots from turning into streaks, leaving you with a sparkling surface

With Vinegar

Believe it or not, the best solution to mirror streaks is a solution—vinegar and water, that is. Sure, store-bought cleaners might provide a comprehensive solution, but their effective marketing cannot compete with the cleaning ability and economical nature of this straightforward mixture. Additionally, the soap content of these cleansers is frequently higher than is necessary, which results in more streaks.

You can easily make the ideal solution for erasing smears, streaks, and smudges by combining 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of distilled water in a spray bottle, shaking it well, and using that to avoid a cloudy surface. To prevent the liquid from gathering in the corners, making its way underneath the mirror, and causing more damage, apply your mirror-cleaning mixture directly to your microfiber cloth rather than the reflective surface and zigzag back and forth down the entire length of the glass.

how to clean a mirror

With A Microfiber Cloth

Contrary to popular belief, newspapers and paper towels do not work well as glass cleaners. Actually, they might make your cleaning challenge more difficult by leaving behind lint, dust, or even newsprint residue (as many papers these days have switched from ink based on petroleum to one based on soy). So save the paper products for spills and keep a few high-quality microfiber cloths in your cleaning supply closet because they are among the best tools for getting rid of persistent streaks. A flat-weave microfiber cloth works better than its thicker terrycloth cousin because it won’t hold any lint or other particles that could transfer to the mirror and cause streaks. However, only use thin ones.

Consider the value of your time. Spend your time doing other things instead of cleaning your bathroom mirror completely of lint. To get the job done right the first time, pick the best tools and techniques.

How To Prevent A Foggy Bathroom Mirror

While the tips above do work when cleaning your bathroom mirror, follow our process below to learn how to clean your bathroom mirror while simultaneously preventing it from fogging up after you take a shower:

  1. One cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and one teaspoon of dish soap should all be combined in a spray bottle. Shake gently to mix.
  2. Directly apply the solution to the mirror, then let it sit there for a short while.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth or some newspaper to remove the spray from the mirror.
  4. Enjoy not having your glass fog up for a few days. Repeat as necessary.

How To Stop A Mirror From Steaming Up

Apply a drop of neat (not diluted) washing-up liquid to the mirror to stop it from steaming up. Then use kitchen paper to buff the liquid in. Even if your bathroom is steamy, doing this will keep your mirror clear for about a fortnight.