Fruit Flies In Bathroom: Why They Come And How To Prevent Them

fruit flies in bathroom

The most frequent breeding grounds for fruit flies in bathrooms are drains, sinks, and showers. If you can locate the source of the flies, you can take action to close off the area and keep them from getting into your home. It’s time to clean the area after you’ve located the source of the fruit flies. Continue reading, you will learn more about how to get rid of them and prevent them.

What Are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are a species of fly drawn to fermenting fruits and vegetables. They are widespread throughout the world and usually dwell in warm, humid climates. Fruit flies have a high egg-laying capacity of up to 500, and their eggs can hatch in as little as eight hours. This implies that a small infestation can spread rapidly and get out of hand.

Fruit flies frequently enter your house through open windows or doors. They could ride along with fresh food or flowers as well. Once inside, they will search for a location to breed and grow in number. Fruit flies thrive in bathrooms because they are typically warm and damp. In addition, there is frequently a large amount of organic matter in the form of soap residue, toothpaste buildup, and hair product residue.

Why Are Fruit Flies in My Bathroom?

Searching for any attractants nearby is a good place to start. The best way to keep fruit flies away is to eliminate any opportunities for them to congregate there. In the trash or even behind the toilet or vanity, there might be a piece of food hidden. Fruit flies prefer warm, moist environments like bathrooms even when there are no sweets present.

Any debris in your sink or shower drain may also attract fruit flies. Sewer gnats, which resemble fruit flies, may be present if you see them in your drain. Regardless of what they are, they are not welcome! Fortunately, both kinds of bugs respond to the techniques in this blog.

How to Identify Fruit Flies?

There are a few indications that you might have a fruit fly infestation. Fruit flies are tiny, black, and have swift flight. Due to their attraction to light, they frequently gather close to windows and doors. In addition to landing on food, fruit flies can be found in the kitchen or bathroom. You most likely have a fruit fly infestation if you observe any of these symptoms.

There’s a good chance you have an infestation if you see fruit flies in your bathroom. Because these minuscule insects are drawn to damp environments, they are frequently found close to drains, sinks, and showers. The larvae of fruit fly species feed on organic matter like hair and soap scum and hatch from the females’ eggs in these moist areas. Because of this, infestations of fruit flies can be challenging to eradicate without expert assistance. Call a pest control expert for assistance if you see fruit flies in your bathroom.

How Do You Know If You Have Drain Flies?

They usually appear as a small infestation close to the access point, resting on the walls near the shower or swarming inside the sink. In particular, sinks and showers that are infrequently used or stagnant for an extended period of time, such as those in guest bathrooms, are more likely to harbor drain flies.

fruit flies in bathroom

It’s easy to confuse drain flies with fruit flies or gnats because they are similar in size, measuring an eighth of an inch, or less. Drain flies have light-colored wings and a grayish or brown color. When crushed, they can leave behind a powdery substance.

Drain flies have hair covering their bodies and wings, giving them a furry appearance. They are distinguishable by their irregular flying pattern and distinctive wing vein pattern.

If you see flies matching this description in your kitchen or bathroom, they could be drain flies

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?

It can be very annoying to have fruit flies in the bathroom. They appear out of nowhere, and before you know it, there is an infestation of fruit flies. Fortunately, getting rid of fruit flies in the bathroom only requires a few easy steps.

Identify Their Source

Finding the source of fruit flies is the first step in eliminating them. If you don’t know where the fruit flies are coming from, you won’t be able to get rid of them. Fruit flies typically breed in drains, sinks, and showers in bathrooms. If you can locate the source of the flies, you can take steps to close off the area and keep them from getting into your home.

It’s time to clean the area once you’ve determined where the fruit flies are coming from. In the bathroom, this entails cleaning all the surfaces and removing any organic matter that might be luring flies. Remove any soap scum or hair buildup from the sinks and drains, and make sure everything is clean.

Fly Traps

Fruit flies in the bathroom can be easily eliminated using fly traps. The way they function is to entrap the flies in a sticky substance, preventing them from escaping. The flies get caught in the trap as they attempt to flee. Using harsh chemicals or pesticides, which may be harmful to your health, is no longer necessary.

Any place in the restroom where fruit flies are gathered can have fly traps set up. They function best when positioned close to the flies’ breeding grounds, such as drains, sinks, and showers. Make sure they are put in a location that is both visible and accessible.

Natural Repellents

Fruit flies in the bathroom can be effectively eliminated using natural repellents. They function by using plant extracts or essential oils to produce an unpleasant scent that deters fruit flies. This means that eliminating fruit flies is possible without using harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Several different essential oils can be used as all-natural repellents. Citrus, lavender, and peppermint oils are some of the most efficient ones. These oils can be put in a spray bottle and used to mist the fruit fly-infested areas.

fruit flies in bathroom

A natural repellent can also be made using plant extracts. Vinegar is one of the most efficient extracts and can be used as a spray or added to a spray bottle to be used directly on fruit flies.

Drain Cleaners

Fruit flies in the bathroom can frequently be eliminated with drain cleaners. They function by eradicating the larvae that are present in the drains and preventing the development of adults from those larvae. As a result, the fruit fly population gradually declines.

Fruit flies can sometimes be eliminated with the help of drain cleaners, but this may not always be the case. A severe infestation might necessitate the use of multiple treatments to completely eradicate the flies. Prior to using the drain cleaner, be sure to carefully read the directions on the container. When used improperly, certain drain cleaners can be dangerous. In any case, drain cleaning can be quite labor-intensive, so it might be wise to think about hiring a pro.

Regular Cleaning

The best defense against fruit flies returning to your bathroom is routine cleaning. You can make the environment unfavorable for the flies by cleaning all of the surfaces and getting rid of any organic material that might be luring them.

How to Kill Fruit Flies in Drains?

All living things die instantly in extremely hot temperatures. Therefore, pour some boiling water down the drains to clear them of fruit fly eggs and larvae. White vinegar can also be used for the task by blending it with some water and once more bringing the mixture to a boil. By doing so, you’ll kill any baby fruit flies that may be in the drains and clear them of all dirt, limescale, and soap scum buildup. In addition, any sewer gnats (drain flies) won’t be able to fly due to the intense heat of the liquid.

When you’re finished, go around your entire home and clean the drains in the kitchen, laundry/utility room, sink, toilet, etc.

How to Prevent Fruit Flies from Coming Back?

Maintaining your home in a clean state will help prevent fruit flies from returning to your property and from laying eggs in the kitchen and bathroom drains (or in another location).

By taking a few common sense preventative measures, some of which will also protect you from other insect problems, you should also proof your entire house.

Fruit Bowls

If you’ve previously struggled with fruit flies, it makes sense to stop leaving exposed fruit in a bowl on your kitchen counter. Either cover it with another bowl or store your fruit safely.

Food and Drink

To prevent attracting fruit flies and other hungry insects, always clean up food scraps, half-empty bottles, and cans. Avoid leaving unwashed dishes in the sink overnight.

Fruit and Veg

Always wash your produce from your garden or store-bought fruit because fruit flies can attach to fruit and some vegetables. Additionally, look for damage like tiny cracks or holes in fruit and vegetables. When given the option, fruit flies prefer to lay their eggs under the ripe fruit’s skin so that the young can be safe while they eat and develop into adults.


You probably don’t need to be reminded that maintaining a clean property is essential for keeping pests like fruit flies at bay. Examine under kitchen furniture and anywhere else where an accident like this might occur. The problem arises when spills go unnoticed for days.


fruit flies in bathroom

Make sure to keep trash cans clean and tightly closed because organic odors will draw fruit flies. Regularly clean the pet’s dishes and the litter box. In due time, discard any expired food. Drains should be cleaned frequently.

Spray Deterrent

Make a homemade spray deterrent solution and use it to coat surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. Adding about 10 drops of essential oil to 100ml of hot water to fill a spray bottle is all that is required to make the mixture. Fruit flies can be repelled with oils of lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or clove. It should be noted that by directly spraying fruit flies with homemade repellent, you can quickly reduce their population and kill a few of them.


Installing a fan or opening the window after your shower will help ventilate high-moisture spaces like your bathroom. Fruit flies prefer warm, damp environments to lay their eggs, so this should help deter them from visiting the area.

Conclusion on Fruit Flies in the Bathroom

Drain flies are attracted to stagnant water, especially in pipes and other drainage areas. These tiny, gnat-like insects feed on and reproduce in sewage. Drain flies are attracted to organic material that quickly accumulates along the side of drains, where they can feed and breed.

Put apple cider vinegar in a bowl or glass, wrap it in plastic, fasten the edges with a rubber band, and pierce a few tiny holes in the top. The vinegar will draw the fruit flies, and once they’re inside, they won’t be able to get out due to the plastic wrap covering.